Hakomi Mindfulness-based Somatic Psychotherapy specialised for Women’s health and integrated empowerment in Pregnancy, Birth and refining the art of Motherhood

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Meet Sarah

Birth doula trained in Hakomi Therapy

I have been a birth doula for ten years. There is nothing more humbling and deeply rewarding for me than to give myself in service of women becoming mothers. Brilliant mothers.

Through my work with women, I identified a need for a wise elder woman with the skills to facilitate not just the physical birth, but the psychological and spiritual metaporphosis into Mother, as well.

My goal is to be this woman for you;  I honour pregnancy and birth as the Rite of Passage it invariably is and chose to train in Hakomi to refine the skills to work deeply with women in one to one sessions throughout their pregnancy and post birth. 

The art of Hakomi is much like the art of a midwife, skilled facilitation which holds a secure and safe space for a natural unfolding of an organic healing process. In this case it is facilitiating your whole being moving into motherhood through a series of one on one therapy sessions. Call it counselling, pregnancy coaching, psychotherapy, whatever you like, but my intention is that I offer more than all of this put together.

I began my career at UWA with a BSc in Anthropology and Psychology.

 I had my first beloved baby in my arms when I graduated and was lucky enough to have had a deeply wise and experienced homebirth midwife with us for my Son's birth 17 years ago. My daughter was also born at home. Each of their births took me deeper into the journey of motherhood. 

I thought a lot about youth and maternal rites of passage and read about how this time might have been facilitated more thoroughly in cultures other than my own modern Australian experience.

I worked as a child and family practitioner/counsellor at Relationships Australia for 4 years whilst I completed my training in Hakomi

I am passionate about the health of humanity, of the individual, the family, and healthy community culture; I also have a passion for teen rites of passage which is an area I am expanding my work into at present. 


A woman's health is the soil out of which all humanity grows.

-Dr Christiane Northrup


Every daughter contains her mother and all the women who came before her.


is a powerful time of healing and metamorphosis, for this Hakomi is potent and graceful.

Women's Health

The mother-daughter relationship is at the headwaters of every woman's health. Our bodies and our beliefs about them were formed in the soil of our mother's emotions, beliefs and behaviours

Birth Recovery

When birth is traumatic, it deeply  effects a woman, her baby and the whole family system

Nurturing Transitions

A whole transition into motherhood of mind, body and spirit ensures you step into the deep and beautiful challenge of family creation with all of your brilliance.


What my clients say about my work


"Sessions with Sarah were like watching in my mirror with a friend beside me. I could now see with more than just my eyes. Having Sarah as a compass on my journey through undiscovered territory strengthened me and opened the path to a gentle trust and ease within and towards myself. My explorations became adventures where my discoveries did not only bring lightness to my heart but equally made both of us rejoice. I am very grateful to Sarah for her presence, guidance and 'beingness' in this field of exploration and marvel at my good fortune that I was drawn to take this opportunity to work with her."



- Anala Linckens


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